• Quartz Process Tube

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Properties of Quartz Process tube:
  Quartz process tube is produced by Sio2, the purity >99.99%, it has special properties,such as:
  1. Resistance high temperature, soften temperature is 1730℃, it can be used for a long time under 1250, and can be used short time under 1450.
  2. Resistance corrosion, Quartz hardly react with other acids except hydrofluoric acid.
  3. Good thermal stability, from 100 to 20 three times,no cracks.
  4. Good performance of transmittance visible light >93%, uv light>80%
  5. Insulate, quartz glass is a good insulate material.
  Quartz process tube widely used for semi-conductor, light source, industry, test tube, lamp tube, diffusion tube, protective tube, laboratory instruments etc.
  General size:
  Outer diameter: 0.5mm-450mm
  Thickness:  0.1mm-10mm
  Length: can be made according to customer’s request

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