• Lindberg/Blue M 1100℃ Moldatherm Box Furnaces

    챔버 안에서 열 분포를 균일하게 유지하면서 외부 표면 온도를 최소화할 수 있습니다. Lindberg/Blue M Moldatherm Box Furnace에는 고유의 단열 및 발열체 소재들이 포함되어 있으며, 엄격한 연구 분야에 두루 적합하도록 다양한 챔버 크기로 제공됩니다. 가변 밀도 단열재 및 이중 외판형 캐비넷 그리고 긴 수명의 발열체와 측면 회전문 등에는 첨단 공학 기법과 전문화된 설계 기술이 적용되어 있습니다.


    Thermo Scientific Lindberg/Blue M U.S.A.


    1100 Moldatherm Box Furnaces


    1.99L, 5.3L, 18.4L, 42.5L


    회화, 열처리, 어닐링, 템퍼링, 용해, 퓨징, 본딩, 건조, 아스팔트 테스팅


    사이드 힌지 도어


    . 이중 벽면구조로 챔버 외부 온도를 최소화 함
    . 모든 모델에 과온보호장치(OTP) 기능 장착됨
    . 불활성 분위기를 위한 에어밴트 (1 inch, Top) 에어 주입구 (0.375 dia, Rear)
    . 도어 오픈시 안전 스위치가 작동되어 출력이 차단됨

    컨트롤러 선택


    써모커플 타입

    K 타입 써모커플 사용으로 수명증가


Versatile selection of chamber box furnaces in several popular chamber sizes to meet  a variety of demanding industrial and laboratory applications

° Unique insulation and heating element composites to minimize outer surface temperatures
    while maintaining uniform heat distribution within the chamber
° Advanced engineering and specialized construction techniques include variable density
    insulation, double shell cabinets, long-life heating elements and horizontal side swing doors
° Selectable self-tuning feature sets best control parameters for the thermal process
° PID control (proportional, integral, derivative) prevents overshoot
° Main power ON/OFF switch on control panel
° Controlled heat-up rate eliminates thermal shock to materials
° Quick heat-up and cool-down rates
° Adjustable high-limit over-temperature protection
° Simultaneous LED display of actual temperature vs. setpoint (°C or °F)

Advanced Construction

° Advanced double wall minimizes exterior surface temperatures for operator safety and energy efficiency
° Side-hinge door for convenient operation and full chamber access
° Long-life Type K thermocouple

° Air vent (1in. dia., top) and air inlet (0.375in. dia., rear) for inert atmosphere exchange;

     note: door is not gas-tight
° Removable and replaceable Moldatherm® hearth plate supports load and prevents damage due to spillage
° Energy efficient Moldatherm insulation with embedded heating elements
° Safety door switch to interrupt power to heating element when door is opened;
    protects heating element and minimizes exposure to end-user

Controller Choice, all with over-temperature protection(OTP)

A : Digital Single Program with 8 segments

    Additional Dwell Timer, Delay timer or Soft start Timer

B : Digital 5-Program with 16 segments programmable control

    Up to 5 programs and 16 segments for ramp (up and down) and dwell (time hold) temperature control per program







 Model BF51848A                                                     Model BF51894c

Heat-Up/Cool-Down, No Load                                Heat-Up/Cool-Down, No Load



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