• Lindberg/Blue M Controller for 1200°C Tube Furnaces

    온도 정확성과 과열방지장치 및 다구간 설정 선택가능한 린드버그 컨트롤 박스로 린드버그 튜브퍼니스 3-Zone 모델과 함께 사용하는 제품입니다. 진보된 마이크로프로세서 방식의 디지털 컨트롤, 솔리드 스테이트 파워모듈, ON/OFF 회로차단기 및 각 존별 써모커플 인풋잭이 장착되어 있습니다.


    Thermo Scientific Lindberg/Blue M U.S.A.


    1200°C 3-Zone Tube Furnace Controller


    과열보호장치(B), 통신포트 RS-485 (COM)


Temperature accuracy and options for over-temperature control and multiple segment configuration

° Fully wired with advanced microprocessor-based digital control, solid-state power module, ON/ OFF circuit breaker and thermocouple input jacks for each zone

° Built-in adjustable high-limit over-temperature protection

° LED simultaneously displays actual temperature vs. setpoint in °C or °F

° Designed for operation on 120, 208, or 240V 50/60Hz, single-phase line


Over-temperature Control

° Adjustable digital control is factory installed

° Protects furnace and load in the event of primary control circuit failure

° Overrides main controller and shuts off power to furnace if high limit is reached

° Must be manually reset for safety

° Operates via magnetic contacts through a signal from an independent thermocouple







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