• Touch Screen Dry Bath/Block Heater

    Designed to achieve precise temperature stability and uniformity with an easy-to-use touch screen controller. With 1, 2 and 4 block models, a broad range of heat blocks and a wide temperature range of ambient +5°C to 130°C, you’re sure to find the dry bath to fit your application demands. The Thermo Scientific™ Touch Screen Dry Bath/Block Heater includes advanced features such as a timer, programmability with the ability to save up to 10 programs with 5 steps per program, and an optional external temperature sensor to control the heat setting by a real time sample read out.


    Thermo Scientific U.S.A


    Touch Screen Dry Bath/Block Heater

    컨트롤 타입

    PID Control


    Ambient +5°C to 130°C (Ambient at 25°C)




    ≤ ± 0.5°C


    ≤ ± 1°


  • Advanced internal temperature sensing probe with outstanding temperature accuracy and control
  • Temperature deviation adjustment
  • Precise temperature control with PID circuit
  • Temperature self-calibration enables user to offset the temperature to desired value
  • Timer enables the user to accurately monitor the heating time
  • Password protection feature
  • Interchangeable aluminum alloy sample blocks designed to provide versatility, easy cleaning and disinfecting
  • Range of configuration to hold 1, 2 and 4 interchangeable modular blocks to accommodate a variety of vessels and applications
  • Powder-coated steel body construction ensures durability
  • When the external temperature sensor is connected, the internal temperature sensor will disconnect automatically, allowing the temperature control and display to rely on the external temperature sensor
  • Easy-to-use touch screen control displays time and temperature
  • 10 user setting programs, each supports up to 5 sequential steps of different temperatures and duration times
  • Built-in over temperature protection device for added safety
  • -Sample preparation
  • -Enzyme preservation
  • -Enzyme-substrate reactions
  • -DNA amplification
  • -Electrophoresis gel degeneration
  • -Serum coagulation
Required accessory:
  • -Unit must be ordered with block(s)

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